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The lady who taught us to cook

Today started off with a bad news. I found out that Siddqua Kabir passed away. She is the women behind the most well known and widely published Bangladeshi cook book,  Ranna Khaddo Pushti ( Cooking,Food, Nutrition).  Almost every expat Bangladeshi has this book.

I remember my mother leafing through this book when I was a child. My mother loves to cook and every so often she would open the book and read the recipes. I remembering spending many hot and sweaty summer afternoon with my mother deciding on which recipe to try out. My mother had the older version of the book.  She actually had to go and buy a second copy of the cook as the first one she owned was so worn out from use. I loved how the book was dedicated to the malnourished children of Bangladesh. This book had over thousands of recipes. From Bangladeshi regular food to special occasion food, Chinese, Italian, Russian, baking etc. This is the go-to book for cooking.

My used this book when I cooked for the first time. I made Shahi Tukrey when I was 12 or 13.  I got a copy of this book when I came to Canada in 2009. My mom got me the newer version of book.  After she got me the book, she kept on coming to my room and comparing her book to mine.  She realized mine had more recipes than hers. I think, after I left Bangladesh, she ended up getting a copy of the new book as well.

The newer version was printed in a better quality of paper, and included a few recipes that incorporated microwave cooking.  I use this book when I am cooking a lot. It literally lives next to my stove. I love how the book gives you a simple and basic recipe for everything.

Siddiqua Kabir also has a very popular cooking show in Bangladesh. I enjoyed watching her on TV. She had a no non-sense attitude towards cooking and always gave information about nutrition. In the recent episodes, I noticed how she would sit down while cooking. I never realized how old she has gotten. To me, she was a timeless woman. I always expected her to be around teaching us how to cook.  I am quite sad to find out that she passed away….I know she will be deeply missed by millions of Bangladeshis all around the world.


Creme Caramel

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I stood in front of the refridgator holding a teaspoon in one hand and the door handle with the other one. I was crouching towards a rectangular shaped plate on the bottom shelf and savoring the creamy, milky, cardamom-y deliciousness … Continue reading

Following up

Following up from my last post:

Hubby and I had a long chat today. We discussed how we did not want a traditional Bangladeshi marriage where dreams are squashed, where women are not given enough respect and/or economic power. We also discussed how we would be honest with each other. I don’t think I would too happy in a traditional marriage (because of my international upbringing, liberal arts education and in general a rebellious attitude). With all of these aspirations of a having a different type of marriage comes the predicaments like the one last night. Hubby is honest…brutally honest at times. I wish at times he would say things that would please me. But I know that’s not him…that’s not his nature. As much as I want/hope/wish, he would change, I know that marriage is a journey and no one is perfect. I think/know that hubby hopes that I become less emotionally vulnerable and clingy.

On a happier note:

Hubby come back home on Saturday. For a month! Can’t wait for him to be back. He has requested that I treat him with loads of home-cooked meals. I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen and cook regularly. Cooking for one is no fun at all. I have already made some gajar ka halwa and kulfi, and froze them in anticipation (I gave the links for recipes I followed, and these are pretty great recipes). I also made salmon kebabs and shami kababs. These freeze really well and are great for snacks. For hubby’s welcome home meal, I have decided to make pomfret fry, tilapia curry with cauliflower,potatoes and peas (it’s a very Bengali dish), beef bhuna, daal (prepared in a thin manner-Bangladeshi style),   alu bhaja (thinly cut fried potatoes). All of these dishes will go really well with plain Basmati Rice. I will upload pictures and recipes soon!