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I am home nursing a sore throat and a fever (i think, my digital thermometer isn’t working).  I am skipping yoga today. I really feel dehydrated from the fever, so I don’t want to take any chances.

Yesterday, too, I skipped yoga. I had a fight with Hubby. He had told me few days ago something my mother said to his mother. I had already asked my mom to limit  contact with my mother-in-law because you never know who considers what as offensive. And Bangladeshis are notorious for gossip/back stabbing. After I was done talking to my hubby (who really doesn’t like my mother), I called up my mom and asked her what she had exactly said to my mother-in-law, and if she had actually said what hubby and mother-in-law were talking about. My mother denied it (which made sense to me since what she had said didn’t seem like something she would say).

Hubby and I were bickering over something last night and in the heat of the moment I told him that my mother did not saw what they claimed she has said. I told him that it was either him or his mother who was lying. Hubby is pissed. I am pissed too. I hate how hubby is trying to blame my mother for everything. I can’t just walk away from my mother, can I? She is my mother, after all. There are things I don’t like about mother-in-law. But as I married her son, I take her as a part of the package. What should I do? Force hubby to be cordial to my mother? Or cut off relationship with my mother-in-law (the same way hubby wants to treat my mother)? Family is very important to me. I like the family bond. I wish hubby was more family oriented.

I hate how these stupid relationships work. Why can’t people be straight forward? And why do people have to go around creating trouble for others?