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This will be a very whiny post

I haven’t written anything a while…usually I find solace in writing. Writing is an escape. But this last month has been quite tough on me since hubby left. It’s been exactly one month.  Winter is here–shorter days, less sunlight, strained long distance relationship (hubby wants me to take any job available, I am being a bit snobby), being alone (without family), financial worries, visa/immigration troubles, being unemployed…all of these things have finally brought me down. I have no desire to be social…I am avoiding most of my friends…talking with hubby has become very un-entertaining and often leading to fights. I am eating lots and LOTS. I have put on 3 kgs since October. I don’t if I am going through the blues or is this side-effects of being unemployed. I feel like I am in a rut. I need to get out of this. I really want this year to be over. I think it was been a bad year for me. Hubby and I only saw each other for 2 months this year. I haven’t seen any of my family this year. I graduated and still have no job. I haven’t left Ontario this year. I have technically accomplished nothing this year.

I really hope something changes soon. I am secretly hoping that part one of my immigration doesn’t go through, then I can just leave. Technically, I can’t leave since my passport is with the Canadian Consulate in the US. I wonder when I will get it back?