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unnecessary argument

I was talking to my husband on skype tonight. For some reason, I became very sulky. Then he asked me a very important question.  I always ask for more but what have I actually given him? I feel awful! I am so needy in our relationship. I don’t think I have done anything to make his life any better. Nothing!

It all began when I asked him if you could get anything in life (you know like a wish), what would he ask for? He said that he would go back to his college years. Then I said I wouldn’t be a part of his life then. He said may be.MAY BE! Seriously???

That really pissed me off. Seriously! I hate how he can imagine/re-imagine his life without me. I just can’t do that. As much as I HATE long distance, I do it because I can’t imagine my life without him.  I hate how unemotional he can be (I think he can be a Vulcan easily). Perhaps he has had a very tough life (losing his father when he was 14 and drastically unstable life because of that), he has seen how tough life can be. Life is still roses and peaches for me. I have never had to struggle that much. Come to think of it…not at all. I want life to be filled with love and laughter, ponies and sugars!

Am I giving too much of myself in this relationship? Should I be able to re-imagine my life without him?