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Something that works for Dandruff!

I wrote about my hair earlier. I only talked about the length, but I have a secret to share.  A shameful secret! I  I have always had a bit of problem with Dandruff. Since last year it just seemed to get worse. Perhaps my ages, changes in hormones and/or stress level caused this.  I would round large round white flakes covering my head, my hair roots, and of course they would show up embarrassingly all over my dark clothes. I have tried several different shampoos and hair treatment to combat the problem: head and shoulders, selsun blue, snake oil from Lush etc. I even tried a few home remedies. I tried oiling my hair with coconut oil, and special dandruff target oil. Nothing worked. Dandruff is really a bad problem for us the dark the haired girls. Every time I would touch my hair, those large round white flakes would shed all around me. 

A few days ago, I went to the body shop to pick-up their almond hand lotion which was on sale for 10 CAD (a 8.50 CAD reduction). I am a sucker for a good bargain.  While at the store, I picked up their ginger shampoo .

Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo - Shampoo


According to the website, this shampoo contains Ginger root, birch bark, white willow and oak moss, and honey. I have used this shampoo for four days and I can already see a difference in the amount of dandruff I have :D. I think I finally found a product that works. It also makes my hair look shiny and gives it a healthy glow. For 10 CAD and 250 ml, this product isn’t really that wallet friendly, but if it continues to work I will keep using it. I love the smell of this shampoo.  I wish they had a conditioner to go with this shampoo. Now I use the banana conditioner from the Body Shop.  While this is a good conditioner, I do not like the smell and consistency of this product. It really feels like mashed up over ripe bananas. Yak! 

I hope you give this product and let me know how it works out for you! 



I didn’t realize how long my hair had grown until my cousin uploaded a picture of me taken last weekend. Considering I never spent that much time on my appearance when I was young/teenage…most of the time I had really short hair or bad hair. As I am getting older, I realize that the genes are really not on my side. Both my parents have lost most of their hair in their early 30s, so I started to take care of my hair. Avoiding heat products, conditioning it, and just taking care of it. I know compared to other people my hair isn’t that long, but this is the longest I have ever had it.

Now that my hair is this long, I have a crazy idea to put red streaks on my hair. Not the bright red, but more of a brownish red. I talked to my stylist, she told me that as my hair is jet black she would have to bleach it first and then put the color in. I am quite worried about damaging my hair.  To all the dark haired girls, did you ever bleach your hair? What was your experience with it?