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Following up

Following up from my last post:

Hubby and I had a long chat today. We discussed how we did not want a traditional Bangladeshi marriage where dreams are squashed, where women are not given enough respect and/or economic power. We also discussed how we would be honest with each other. I don’t think I would too happy in a traditional marriage (because of my international upbringing, liberal arts education and in general a rebellious attitude). With all of these aspirations of a having a different type of marriage comes the predicaments like the one last night. Hubby is honest…brutally honest at times. I wish at times he would say things that would please me. But I know that’s not him…that’s not his nature. As much as I want/hope/wish, he would change, I know that marriage is a journey and no one is perfect. I think/know that hubby hopes that I become less emotionally vulnerable and clingy.

On a happier note:

Hubby come back home on Saturday. For a month! Can’t wait for him to be back. He has requested that I treat him with loads of home-cooked meals. I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen and cook regularly. Cooking for one is no fun at all. I have already made some gajar ka halwa and kulfi, and froze them in anticipation (I gave the links for recipes I followed, and these are pretty great recipes). I also made salmon kebabs and shami kababs. These freeze really well and are great for snacks. For hubby’s welcome home meal, I have decided to make pomfret fry, tilapia curry with cauliflower,potatoes and peas (it’s a very Bengali dish), beef bhuna, daal (prepared in a thin manner-Bangladeshi style),   alu bhaja (thinly cut fried potatoes). All of these dishes will go really well with plain Basmati Rice. I will upload pictures and recipes soon!