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I Love Make-Up: all about Kohl

So I guess I have been absent for a really long time.  I have been quite uninspired to write for a while. I have been thinking about writing something for a few days now. I am going to write about make-up since I am in the full swing again.

My first experience with make-up was a long time ago. I was probably 6 or 7 and getting ready for a party at my grand-parents’ house. I was probably pestering ammu as she was putting on her make-up, and she lined my waterlines with kohl. I remember looking into the mirror in amazement and thinking that I was oh so beautiful.  Kohl has always been a staple in my make-up routine.  I wore really thick glasses since I was young, and started  to wear contacts occasionally when I was 13. I would seriously feel naked without my glasses,  so I started to rim my upper and lower lid with Kohl. Even if I don’t put any makeup on, I still have to tight-line my eyes.  I have experimented with so many different kinds over the wear, but finally I found the ones I love and I thought I would share one of them with you:

 L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Black: I bought this eyeliner on a whim and instantly feel in love with it. I paid about 10 CAD for it (I think it was on sale). The pencil is short and stubby, and it came it with its own sharpener. If I am doing cat-eyes, I usually resharpened the pencil. The color is very intense and glides on very easily. I found it to be quite water-resistance and lasts me all throughout the day. I can do my eyes under a minute. I will definitely re-purchase this product.

Courtesy of http://beautytidbits.com/2012/01/loreal-voluminous-smoldering-eyeliner-in-brown-review-swatches-and-photos/

I am seriously in love with eyeliner!  Give this product a try!

***So I have a updates to share.  Hubby got a job in Canada, and will come back in three weeks! So I am super duper excited.

p.s: disclaimer: I am not being paid anyone for this post. I love to recommend good products and want to try out products that have worked for others.