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I finally broke down and bought something from Lulu Lemon. Being a struggling graduate student and poor (now underemployed and poor), most of the time I cannot justify buying anything from Lulu Lemon as they are so expensive. I usually go to the store or look online and sigh!

As a restarted doing regular Bikram Yoga, I decided to splurge! Last time when I was regular, I realized I feel much more confident in class when I have two water bottles (2L). I think they become my security blanket in class. There were few days I actually finished my water, but knowing that I had water was a great relief. I hate leaving the class in the middle of the session.  So I was using two of tattered nalgenes from my undergraduate days. As I have been revamping my kicthen and life, I threw away those, and bought one from Kor from Winners. I got a colour called sunrise orange, and paid about 15 bucks.

Now, for the second bottle: I got one from Lululemon! It was on sale for 14 dollars, so I thought: Why not? I am going to pay  around the same price for a regular bottle!

So this is the bottle I got!  Yey! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the slogan on the bottle. YOGA MAKES ME SMILE! And it came in one of those cute Lulu Lemon totes! Small things make me so happy!

So I totted my two water bottles to my Bikram Yoga class. I had a great class. The instructor Mr Tall-Beardy has a great energy! I love taking his classes. Tomorrow I am hitting up a women’s only Bikram Yoga class. I am quite excited since I have never done one of those.

P.S: One thing I do to encourage sustainability is that I always carry my water bottle with me. I refuse to buy water as it comes in a  plastic container. I know this is not a huge step, but it is something! Any other easy ways to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability?

P.S 2: I got the picture from the Lulu Lemon Website!