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I hate exercise….

Yes! I really do…I hate it with a passion. I explored how I got in shape and lost weight with Bikram Yoga.Who wants to exercise when you can curl up with a nice book or a nice movie?  Who really wants to exercise when you can dive into a  molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream?  I always quit once I was near or on my goal weight. 

Keeping that in mind, I am on a 21 day challenge of doing Bikram Yoga everyday for 21 days. Why 21 days? They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. And I have attempted to start 30 day challenges only to fail. 21 days seem much more manageable. Today is day 7! I have noticed a change in my attitude about going to class. Even on day 3 and day 4, I would sit in the bus and think that I could just keep on ride and go back home. Who wants to go to class? It will make me drench with sweat. It will make me obligated to wash my hair (washing my hair everyday makes it so dry and frizzy),  make me obligated to wash my exercise clothes my hand (my apartment has coin operated machines, so it would be stupid to wash a piece or two every day), make me just gross and icky. Yet, I forced myself to walk into the studio and into the class.

Yesterday, I noticed a change within me. I was almost in a zen state even before I got to class. I didn’t have the thoughts of skipping class. I accepted that I have to get to class and I did the best I could in class.

I am also tracking my weight/measurements for the 21 day challenge. I am 5’4”, and here are the result after six classes:

Starting Weight (SW): 142 lbs

Current Weight (CW): 140.5 lbs (BMI 24.1)

Mini Goal Weight: 135 lbs

Overall Goal Weight: 130 lbs

**I will post my measurements once there is a significant change 😛


Now I gotta go and take out mu bikram clothes of the washer and put them in the dryer. Have a wonderful Sunday!



I hate how really  small things can really throw me over the edge now. Yikes! I need to be emotionally more stable and calm. I need to calm down. I need to learn how to breathe and be in the moment. I need to believe. I need to trust. I need to be patient. I really need to work on patience. I want everything now and  just the way I like it. I really need to realize I have to work hard for the things I want. It is not going to be handed to me on a silver platter!

People say Bikram Yoga changed their lives. I am on a 21 day challenge where I plan on going everyday (today is day 4).  I felt the change within me yesterday.I was just having a crazy wacky day. I heard some bad news and felt awful. I was in a bad mood, and just feeling very anxious and nervous.  I forced myself to walk into class even though I dreaded it.  But that 90 mins of being present in the moment, and looking at myself really helped. I walked out of class relaxed and just happier.

I hope Bikram Yoga can continue to humble me.  Even though my main motivation for doing Bikram yoga is weight loss and getting physically fit, I look forward to accepting all the other benefits that come with it.



I finally broke down and bought something from Lulu Lemon. Being a struggling graduate student and poor (now underemployed and poor), most of the time I cannot justify buying anything from Lulu Lemon as they are so expensive. I usually go to the store or look online and sigh!

As a restarted doing regular Bikram Yoga, I decided to splurge! Last time when I was regular, I realized I feel much more confident in class when I have two water bottles (2L). I think they become my security blanket in class. There were few days I actually finished my water, but knowing that I had water was a great relief. I hate leaving the class in the middle of the session.  So I was using two of tattered nalgenes from my undergraduate days. As I have been revamping my kicthen and life, I threw away those, and bought one from Kor from Winners. I got a colour called sunrise orange, and paid about 15 bucks.

Now, for the second bottle: I got one from Lululemon! It was on sale for 14 dollars, so I thought: Why not? I am going to pay  around the same price for a regular bottle!

So this is the bottle I got!  Yey! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the slogan on the bottle. YOGA MAKES ME SMILE! And it came in one of those cute Lulu Lemon totes! Small things make me so happy!

So I totted my two water bottles to my Bikram Yoga class. I had a great class. The instructor Mr Tall-Beardy has a great energy! I love taking his classes. Tomorrow I am hitting up a women’s only Bikram Yoga class. I am quite excited since I have never done one of those.

P.S: One thing I do to encourage sustainability is that I always carry my water bottle with me. I refuse to buy water as it comes in a  plastic container. I know this is not a huge step, but it is something! Any other easy ways to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability?

P.S 2: I got the picture from the Lulu Lemon Website!

My Relationship with Bikram Yoga

After breaking up for a while (5 months), Bikram and I are back together again. My relationship with Bikram Yoga started in 2009 when I came to Vancouver, BC. Bikram Yoga helped me lose the extra weight (about 10 kgs) I was carrying from cafeteria food of undergrad. Then Bikram helped me lose a few more for my wedding and made me look amazing. I did my first 30 day challenge back in April 2010 before my wedding. After my wedding I stopped doing Yoga and packed on about 7 kgs, so I went back to Bikram yoga in 2011 again. Lost that weight and threw my fat jeans away by July. And stopped doing yoga. Surprise! Surprise! I have packed on about 5 kgs by December, and now I can’t zip up my size four jeans 😦

For those who don’t know about Bikram yoga: it is a form of hot yoga done in a 40 C. room with 40-50% humidity. The classes are 90 mins and a total body workout. I think it is quite an intense workout (I fainted in my first class).

So in 2012, my resolution is to reach my goal weight (57 kgs) and actually keep in off. My current weight as of today in 64.2 kgs.  Wish me good luck!

Today would be my second class of Bikram yoga. Feeling excited! After yesterday’s class, I feel great. My skin is a lot smoother, I feel taller and I think my posture is already getting better. I would like to do another 30 day challenge. Lets see how far I go.  I have attempted to do this challenge last year but could not continue. This time, I have my friend S with me. Hopefully we will keep each other motivated 😀

This time after reaching my goal weight, I plan to keep seeing Bikram at least 3 three time a week.

I am feeling really positive about 2012 so far (granted, it is only the second day). Are you?


I am so glad 2011 is over. I am super excited about the upcoming year. I decided to take up bikram yoga again, as I have to lose 8 kgs now (yikes). Today was my first class in a while. I feel a bit exhausted after my class. Will write soon!