Something that works for Dandruff!

I wrote about my hair earlier. I only talked about the length, but I have a secret to share.  A shameful secret! I  I have always had a bit of problem with Dandruff. Since last year it just seemed to get worse. Perhaps my ages, changes in hormones and/or stress level caused this.  I would round large round white flakes covering my head, my hair roots, and of course they would show up embarrassingly all over my dark clothes. I have tried several different shampoos and hair treatment to combat the problem: head and shoulders, selsun blue, snake oil from Lush etc. I even tried a few home remedies. I tried oiling my hair with coconut oil, and special dandruff target oil. Nothing worked. Dandruff is really a bad problem for us the dark the haired girls. Every time I would touch my hair, those large round white flakes would shed all around me. 

A few days ago, I went to the body shop to pick-up their almond hand lotion which was on sale for 10 CAD (a 8.50 CAD reduction). I am a sucker for a good bargain.  While at the store, I picked up their ginger shampoo .

Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo - Shampoo


According to the website, this shampoo contains Ginger root, birch bark, white willow and oak moss, and honey. I have used this shampoo for four days and I can already see a difference in the amount of dandruff I have :D. I think I finally found a product that works. It also makes my hair look shiny and gives it a healthy glow. For 10 CAD and 250 ml, this product isn’t really that wallet friendly, but if it continues to work I will keep using it. I love the smell of this shampoo.  I wish they had a conditioner to go with this shampoo. Now I use the banana conditioner from the Body Shop.  While this is a good conditioner, I do not like the smell and consistency of this product. It really feels like mashed up over ripe bananas. Yak! 

I hope you give this product and let me know how it works out for you! 


2 responses to “Something that works for Dandruff!

  1. The easiest way to deal with dandruff is to drink plenty of ‘filtered’ water. No tea (or at least minimise tea to minimum intake per day) and just continue to have water and if you sustain it for 4 to 5 days you will realise your dandruff getting less and less until it permanently goes. Trust me, try it and water not only will help in this way, but will strengthen your skin too, making it less flaky

    • I do drink a lot of water as I do Bikram Yoga. Water definitely makes my skin radiate and supple, but I haven’t noticed a difference in my scalp. Though, I don’t drink filtered water.

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