Show me some love

So my last post was about make-up, especially Kohl. This week I am continuing in the same direction. As I finished my Masters last year, I had a lot of free time and started to explore make-up more. I became fascinated with a day a colour can change one’s face. I love the way how colours play up one’s eyes, can make your eyes stand out, make them bigger etc. Yes! You can probably tell I love eye make-up. I think my eyes are my best feature, and I love dressing them up.

So here is a chance for you to help continue my love affair with make-up and see some exclusive pictures on me. I have entered a contest on smashbox with my video. If I am on the top votes list by Monday, I will get a year of free make-up from smashbox. You can check out my  video here,  and vote for me. You can also use the link here:

Please vote me and share with your family and friends! Please show me some love. I need it 😀


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