I hate exercise….

Yes! I really do…I hate it with a passion. I explored how I got in shape and lost weight with Bikram Yoga.Who wants to exercise when you can curl up with a nice book or a nice movie?  Who really wants to exercise when you can dive into a  molten chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream?  I always quit once I was near or on my goal weight. 

Keeping that in mind, I am on a 21 day challenge of doing Bikram Yoga everyday for 21 days. Why 21 days? They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. And I have attempted to start 30 day challenges only to fail. 21 days seem much more manageable. Today is day 7! I have noticed a change in my attitude about going to class. Even on day 3 and day 4, I would sit in the bus and think that I could just keep on ride and go back home. Who wants to go to class? It will make me drench with sweat. It will make me obligated to wash my hair (washing my hair everyday makes it so dry and frizzy),  make me obligated to wash my exercise clothes my hand (my apartment has coin operated machines, so it would be stupid to wash a piece or two every day), make me just gross and icky. Yet, I forced myself to walk into the studio and into the class.

Yesterday, I noticed a change within me. I was almost in a zen state even before I got to class. I didn’t have the thoughts of skipping class. I accepted that I have to get to class and I did the best I could in class.

I am also tracking my weight/measurements for the 21 day challenge. I am 5’4”, and here are the result after six classes:

Starting Weight (SW): 142 lbs

Current Weight (CW): 140.5 lbs (BMI 24.1)

Mini Goal Weight: 135 lbs

Overall Goal Weight: 130 lbs

**I will post my measurements once there is a significant change 😛


Now I gotta go and take out mu bikram clothes of the washer and put them in the dryer. Have a wonderful Sunday!


6 responses to “I hate exercise….

  1. You are doing well gal, keep it up. I am sure you will get the result you want if you continue. I am bit lazy with my exercise these days and trying to motivate myself. May be I should join yoga as well.

  2. I do high intensity training. They say short period circuit training is much more effective and you get all toned and fit in a couple of months. I started in October and I’ve lost like 6 inches on the butt. Lol. That’s one measurement that freaked me out. Its more about the inches than the pounds I guess. I used to incorporate early morning yoga too but I have a bent disc on my tail bone and I fear the risk of doing it without a trainer may get me knotted up but I loved power yoga.
    The 21 day thing is true! I set my mind and started working out religiously and eating healthy (in my case eating proper meals thrice atleast coz i don’t eat more than once or twice) and now im addicted and feel my day is incomplete if I don’t train. Hope you reach your goals. Everytime you are let down, remind yourself of the beach and the bikinis.. it will totally motivate you to push harder! 😀

  3. Hehe. I could not believe it myself. I mean 6 cms! Lol. I was wondering something sounded wrong in that sentence. But well in nearly two months I lost 6cms…which, to me, is still great! hehe. But it makes you feel good. Nowadays I workout nearly around 9pm.. coz of work..but I still don’t skip 🙂

  4. I have heard wonderful things about Bikram Yoga!! Should try it out 🙂

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