I didn’t realize how long my hair had grown until my cousin uploaded a picture of me taken last weekend. Considering I never spent that much time on my appearance when I was young/teenage…most of the time I had really short hair or bad hair. As I am getting older, I realize that the genes are really not on my side. Both my parents have lost most of their hair in their early 30s, so I started to take care of my hair. Avoiding heat products, conditioning it, and just taking care of it. I know compared to other people my hair isn’t that long, but this is the longest I have ever had it.

Now that my hair is this long, I have a crazy idea to put red streaks on my hair. Not the bright red, but more of a brownish red. I talked to my stylist, she told me that as my hair is jet black she would have to bleach it first and then put the color in. I am quite worried about damaging my hair.  To all the dark haired girls, did you ever bleach your hair? What was your experience with it?



5 responses to “Hair

  1. Looks like you have really nice thick hair, love it.

    I have tried red steaks before but I won’t do it again. It damaged my hair because they bleach it first to put the colour. My hair broke and went all dry. Even with conditioning often it was not the same. On top of that, every time I have shower, the red colour used to come off and slowly the area where I had red colour went dry and brown . For me, it was bad experience and won’t do it again as my hair stylist told me not to use bleach again in my hair.

  2. You have gorgeous hair! Red fades the fastest and the bleach is really not good for your hair. I think you should keep it as it is!!

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