All is well

Hubby and I made up today! Phew! I hate fighting and being angry, and holding on to grudge. Is it just me or do other people have physical reaction when they have huge fight with their partners? The first time hubby and I fought, I ended up massive headache. The second time, I ended up having a UTI ( yeah, I know!) and this time I ended up with a fever and a cold. I feel so much better after making up with hubby! This is when I feel long distance really sucks! If we were together, we would probably cook a nice meal and spend some quality time together :p.



4 responses to “All is well

  1. Good to know everything is ok now. take care of urself and wishing you a very happy 2012!!!

  2. Thats great. Somehow coincidently, everytime me and my partner fight, I end up falling sick too.. haha. I guess its more to do with the emotional link that physical. Anyhow.. happy new year.. hope that will be it for 2012 🙂

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